about us

About us

Supplier of growth

Protein Consulting Sweden AB was formed in 2007 with the aim to develop and market new vegetable based protein, fibers and starch products for feed applications. We work in close cooperation with partners from food, feed and bioenergy processing industries. PROCON is an effective link between the primary process industry and the compound feed industry. The strength of this link is based on strong networks and skills related to innovative feed for better growth and health of animals and higher profitability with technical improvements for our customers. We meet the challenge in finding new fields of application for the use of proteins, fibers and starches derived from plants. Uniting our skills and experience is what in short makes PROCON a “supplier of growth”.

aufzaehlung   Formed in 2007 but originating from more than 100 years experience
aufzaehlung   Strong, worldwide network
aufzaehlung   Experienced and creative team for innovative solutions
aufzaehlung   Sustainable production procedures
aufzaehlung   Practiced with logistics solutions and support

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